Monday, November 27, 2006

more Uncle George wisdom

The Autobiography of George Muller: A Million and a Half in Answer to Prayer is highly recommended here on the agent b files. I just found this book a couple of weeks ago at a local library. I was unaware that Uncle George had written an autobiography. And I was also unaware that this publication was recently made available (2003) as it’s been out of print since 1905.

It’s 700 pages long with small print. This makes Agent Wife laugh every time she sees me reading. I’m a very slow reader. But I’m gonna try...

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an entry that has rung true with my most inner fiber for years.

Long before the orphanages existed, Uncle George was setting off from his native Prussia (and eventually Germany) to become a missionary amongst Jewish people in England. He was therefore associated with a Jewish missionary society which had planned to ordain him and set the course for his work.

UG writes that he eventually had, “objections to being connected with any state church or national religious establishment, which arose from the increased light which I had obtained through the reception of this truth, that the Word of God is our only standard, and the Holy Spirit our only teacher.” [itallics by UG]

In other words, UG didn’t need an organization of man telling him when, where, and how to minister.

He didn’t need a denominational backing. He didn’t need a “covering” other than that of Christ.

Knowing full and well that there’s no salary outside an institution, UG made his needs known only to the CEO from then on.

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