Monday, April 23, 2007

return of a jedi

My family and I had The Table at Obi-Wan's tonight. Agent Wife cooked some chicken, rice and vegetables which we brought over.

It's been a long time. Probably since November or something. We use to eat over there about every other night before he got real sick and had his marathon hospital stay.

The dynamic is a little different now with his son Lamont being there. But we're getting to know Lamont real well. And he's loosening up around us.

And of course, there were dominoes. Thanks to my training from the homeless regulars at the Downtown Baptist Beach Head last year, I kicked everyone's ass.


Deana Watson said...

very nice! enjoy your time!

Anonymous said...

i am a blog reader..any and all.
i probally should seek councling for it.
but i am very inspired by your blog. how real you are. how i feel like you are truly trying to live a life worthy of greetness.i have "family" in abilene texas. i go there often. the reason i say this is because my family has turned me away from church...i dont want to imalete them or their life.i know this is bad but all their christian holyier than though attude has me so discoureged. i found this blog and i am feeling inspired again...wanting to find that connection again. thank you and you communty for sharing.

Agent B said...

Well, it's not often that someone leaves an anonymous comment that's positive and complimentary. Very kind of you. Thanks.

Ahh yes. Abilene. She has that effect on people.

All the best to you...