Monday, April 30, 2007

we meet again, old friend

Hello Italian-made commercial espresso machine. It’s been a while.

I miss you. Bad.

I remember well when the izzy group ministry purchased over $40,000 of commercial kitchen equipment for less than a quarter of that from some restaurant that was closing down.

You were part of the favorite part of the deal.

I was determined to become the best amateur barista the fair mother city has ever known.

And to our friends on the streets, I was. Lattes for the homeless was my new ministry.

You and me, we were a team...

...separated by church politics, religion, jealousy, back stabbing, and egos.

You were stolen from the izzy group. Lattes were robbed from our street friends.

I kept tabs on you from afar, curious to know where you were and who you were serving. Just curious.

Word on the street was that you ended up in a new restaurant in town.

It’s true. I saw you the other night, when I was gigging at your new home.

Somehow, your lattes just ain’t the same.

Things have changed, I guess.

Do me a favor please: if any of our old street friends stop by...give them a double shot. Thanks.

1 comment:

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

It is not the machine's fault that those latte's are just not the same. It is the barista, the beans, and let us not forget, the Spirit, filled into each cup, the crema that only a certain few in this region can appreciate.