Sunday, April 15, 2007

various sunday reports

Testimony #029...

Agent Wife and I thought there was a funny water-running noise from the bathroom sink. To inspect, I had to crawl through a kitchen cabinet and remove a panel I installed 3 years ago after a different plumbing ordeal.

Turns out our bathroom sink drain pipe was leaking at a connection. It didn't look like rocket science to repair. But I'm not an expert butt crack plumber. So I wanted to call the jack-of-all-trades. But I didn't because I knew he'd be in the middle of home church.

Low and behold, Jack ends up calling me. Begging me to let him come over so he can skip church. Come on over. We'll have church in my kitchen cabinet.

We get something fixed for $7 of parts as opposed to a $75 plumber visit. I love it. Thank you CEO.


Tiger Tales...

Agent Wife and I wanted to grill burgers tonight. At the last minute we tried inviting 3 or 4 different friends, none of whom could come. So we took the advice of Jesus and invited the poor to our banquet.

But only The Tiger showed up.

It seems like years since I've hung out with The Tiger. He's almost 18 now. He quit school two years ago and works as much as he can.

He's still in that weird transitional phase of leaving kid-like ways behind and becoming a man.

Sitting at our table he asked a weird out-of-the-blue question: how long have Agent Wife and I been together?

He's not the first young person from the poverty culture to ask that. I think when a) you're married and b) you're married for more than a couple of years that the kids take notice. It's foreign to them.

The Tiger's mom, Frieda Sanford, has been with Manuel for at least 5 years. That's the longest she's been with anyone during The Tiger's lifetime.

But I think this "togetherness" subject is on his mind because his older sister Jessie recently moved back in. She broke up with hr boyfriend because he was cheating. But a few days later the boyfriend moved in with Jessie at Frieda and The Tiger's house (next door to us).

I've known The Tiger since he was 10 at the old izzy group food pantry days.


Before my shower tonight I discover that half of my body has broken out in some bizarre pink-ish rash that mildly itches. This has never happened to me.

I wonder of it has something to do with crawling under the cabinet


miller said...

thanks for airing my church skipping laundry!

rash may have come from the combination of clorox and raid you sprayed down the hole...

Matthew said...

Speaking of rashes, I've been meaning to ask: You attribute good things that happen to God, but what do you think God has to do with bad things that happen? Like rashes or other, nastier things?

Do you think God is responsible for them, or somebody else is responsible for them, or they just kind of happen?

Agent B said...


I don't believe the CEO is responsible for the rash. I don't know why it happened, other than I probably breathed in some mold spores and my body is having an extreme allergic reaction.

So...I guess I blame me. I should have worn a mask. If I was crawling under the house I would have, but didn't think to do it in a cabinet with a leaky pipe in the wall. My own dumb mistake.

Good news: the rash was 95% gone when I woke up this morning. Bad news: my eyes & throat were nearly swollen shut, but they are much better as of this writing.

I thank the CEO for good things (like how I didn't die and am recovering quickly).

I don't accuse him for bad things. It's the 'fallen world' we live in, etc. Every good & perfect gift comes from above, etc.

As much as intellectuals try to, I don't think the CEO can be all figured out.

Matthew said...

Okey dokey.

"As much as intellectuals try to, I don't think the CEO can be all figured out."

Sure, it's just nice to have some idea of how one ought to respond to good things and bad things that happen.

"my eyes & throat were nearly swollen shut, but they are much better as of this writing."

Glad to hear it.