Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the fair mother city: part I

Recently I had to write a short bio of myself for a potential future project. In the bio I needed to briefly explain my life, mission, and location. And the readers of this bio most likely have never read these reports on the agent b files. So I felt the need to explain just what “the fair mother city” was.

The Fair Mother City (Abilene pop. 116,000) is a city known for its churches, religion, low wage jobs, three religious affiliated private universities, an over abundance of non-prof organizations, and its US military base. The local poverty is only engaged by the churches with multiple strings attached.

I usually try to avoid being cynical. There’s no fruit in cynicism. But I don’t know any other way to explain this city. It’s my point of view, 18 years in the making.

The agent b files have been written for a year and a half. But after this bio I realized I’ve never given a basic overview of the fair mother city (a nickname coined by a post-college room mate, one of the Tulsa Brothers I think).

Any of you locals, former residents, or visitors have anything to add or change about the above quote?


Agent B said...

Thanks lil sis for the poster alteration...

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Thanx for the alterations. That is brilliant.

Love it.