Thursday, November 02, 2006

waves of hurt

It’s been kind of a rollercoaster ride of emotions at our house for the last couple of days.

Agent Wife’s sister up north (and occasional commenter as “lil sis”) lost her baby that was to be born today. She had a completely healthy pregnancy for nine months. Even an A-OK doctor visit and sonogram last Friday. She went in for a scheduled induction yesterday and was told there was no heartbeat.

We’re devastated, as I know she and her husband are too, along with many family and friends up north. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. We’re probably going up there for Christmas and our 2 kids and her baby were all supposed to be together for a big grandkid bash.

So many people terminate pregnancies at will. Why does this seem to happen to young couples who actually want to raise a family?

Then, my next door neighbor Frieda Sanford’s best friend Delia passed away this afternoon. She was talking to me this morning about hospice and wondering what that was. I asked why she wanted to know and she told me of her sick friend being put in there. I told her she better go visit right away because that’s where people go who are dying and probably won’t make it.

Frieda and Agent Wife went to see her and she passed an hour later.

We’ve met Delia several times. Sweet woman. She absolutely destroyed her liver with alcohol. It’s sad.

On the encouragement side…

Frieda found a two-seater stroller at a garage sale for a killer price. We’ve been wanting one for months but couldn’t afford one. She hid it behind her car and called Agent Wife over for a surprise early Christmas gift.

Thank you for the blessings amidst the hurt, CEO.


Deana said...

I am so so sorry about agent wifes sister...I know you guys were so looking forward to this baby cousin. Let agent wife know she and your whole family are in our prayers.

James said...

Man...I am sorry to hear about this B. I'm sorry that there are no easy answers in this either. I'd be happy to offer a prayer for your family today.

Miller said...

agent wife,

i'm sorry

very sorry

peace this day.

Anonymous said...

agent b
my heart hurts for agent b and family. i don't have words to say.
i will be in prayers
agent c in odessa

Pastor Phil said...


We need to live next door to each other for mutual support, and an occasional Guinness gathering.