Monday, November 13, 2006


We had kind-of a monumental event in our household recently. My 2-year old, Agent Offspring #1 prayed to the CEO of the universe by his own initiative.

AO1 was sitting alone at the dinner table with food before the rest of us joined. Agent Wife witnessed him bowing his head with eyes closed and mumbling some unintelligible 2-year old talk interspersed with these recognizable words:

momma (Agent Wife)
dadda (me)
mimi (AO2)
Saba (our dog)
snay-nay (our cat)
Bih-Buh (“Big Buddy” aka Obi-Wan)

I think AO1 was giving thanks for all of these things. I later asked him to pray at our dinner time and he thanked the CEO for more of the same.

Slides and swings: I forgot how these playground toys are some of his most favorite things in the whole world. I’ve rarely heard him mention these outside the playground.

I guess AO1 was praying partially because it’s what Agent Wife and I do. And AO1 is highly imitative at this age.

But somewhere Jesus mentioned that the kingdom is for people like AO1. So maybe I’m the one who should do the imitating.

I need to be more thankful for the slides and swings in my life.


Miller said...

it doesn't get any better than this!

i'm glad you wrote about it...

it makes my heart smile!


Anonymous said...

'lil sis

Verbny said...

Yes! Little ones believe in things they've never seen. They have total trust in those that love them, like their daddy and mommy.

Yes! We do need to become like them in order to understand Gods love for us.

Elaine said...

How exciting! This blessed me so much. What a testimony of how much more is caught than taught.

james said...

how very encouraging. very cool man.