Saturday, November 25, 2006

prophet without honor

I never fully understood what Jesus was trying to say with the words “a prophet is without honor in his home town” (not the actual verbiage, but close).

The family and I are in my home town of Houston for the holiday. And due to some kind of poor communication, we are now staying twice as long as originally planned.

I don’t like my home town. It's the suburbs and they seem to stand for most everything I am not. Plus, I feel so pointless here.

And it doesn’t help that Obi-Wan is in the hospital. Plus, I have two major handyman projects that are left undone back in the fair mother city. I don't rest well with unfinished business. Plus, I’m still trying to juggle out November bills and upcoming December ones. Plus, I’m trying to figure what auto maintenance prep work I need before traveling to Canada and just how exactly we are getting there, etc.

Plus, I hate Houston.

But it seems to bless my mother that we stay longer since she has so little time off from her job.

I’ve always found a fine line between honoring my parents and hating my own parents to follow Jesus.

It’s a kin to the fine line between a guy like me flourishing in a calling and identity outside of my home town versus the dozens of people I know who have done quite well living in the same place all of their lives.

All this to say...I am in Houston on extended Thanksgiving holiday and I wish I wasn’t. I’m trying to relax and make the best of it despite the TV, traffic, and materialism that’s shoved down our throats. I probably need a break from the fair mother city. But I don’t feel like I’m getting much of one.

So it goes.


verbny said...

You don't need to hate your parents in order to follow Jesus.

Agent B said...

Correct. Hating is not a prerequisite to following Jesus (take note gay-bashers).

Many friends of mine hold their parents and/or possibly their parent's ideals above their own faith. It can make parents an idol like any other.

So..."hate" the idol I guess.

Jason & Nicole said...

A teacher once told me that the goal is either to make sure your home (if you have one) is a place of peace you share with others or that you bring peace into other people's homes. I don't think we can do either well while we serve the false gods.