Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to the Hilton

Obi-Wan got word today that he needs to check in to the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

His legs and feet have been worse than ever. They keep him up all night with pain.

This will be his third stay at the Hilton this year. He was in for three weeks in February and two weeks in July/August. So I'm hoping he's due for only a one week stay.

I won't get to see him much this week since we're headed down south for the holiday.

For the last month, Obi-Wan has been talking as if he won't live through Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. He's been real antsy about getting some affairs in order and saying that the CEO gave him the idea to get things in order.

As selfish as it sounds, I hope he's not right about this.


Deana said...

I've been quite absent this week...but I am praying for Obi-wan. Hope you have a nice Thanksgivin.

Agent B said...

Thanks D.

Maybe we can travel through CO on the way back from sask.