Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daze of our lives (Part IV - FINALE)

Misty was a terrible house keeper. Not only did she not do her job, but she’d come into Obi-Wan’s house and flip the TV on to whatever she wanted and talk on his phone all morning.

The one time her boss came around for Obi-Wan to sign some papers, Misty was there bright and early and doing her job properly. And that lasted about a week. Her performance would soon putter out. Some days she wouldn’t even show up.

Misty quit showing up completely about two weeks ago. And soon after we learn through Nurse Gollum that she got a new job somewhere else.

Nurse Gollum approached me about taking on that job. “You do it anyway. You might as well get paid for it”, she said.

Funny...that Nurse Gollum acknowledged my cleaning and errand running. No comment. Just funny.

I actually thought about it for a while. It made sense at first. Why shouldn’t I get a few bucks for doing something I already do? It only pays about $5 an hour for 15 hours a week. But that’s more than I make now.

But after thinking this through, I’d really feel like this would be selling out my calling, the CEO’s promises, and Obi-Wan’s friendship for 30 pieces of silver.

I mean, my true given vocation is to be an undercover secret agent for the CEO of the universe. And within that I serve those neighbors of mine who are ignored or forgotten about.

The CEO of the universe has promised me time and again that he would sustain my family through this desert period of our lives and beyond.

And furthermore, this friendship with Obi-Wan is real. We are friends. Period. This is not a paid job where in I “minister” to him and he goes on about his way. The ministry and friendship is a two-way street. And he knows this friendship is real.

And honestly, I can’t see making Obi-Wan keep his personal bank balance below $5000 just so I can have some pathetic pay through the government. I’d rather Obi-Wan do whatever he wants with his money and let the CEO continue to provide for my needs in weird ways.

The CEO is good that way, even when it doesn’t make sense.


Deana said...

you're a complex fella Agent B...I am inspired by your decision...and your friendship with Obi Wan.

Miller said...

what she said.

Matthew said...

@Agent B - "I can’t see making Obi-Wan keep his personal bank balance below $5000 just so I can have some pathetic pay through the government."

Hm. Makes sense to me.

Although you really oughtta get Obi-Wan a savings account.

Agent B said...

Although you really oughtta get Obi-Wan a savings account.

Spoken like a true "liberal" ;)

Please go back and re-think this comment.

It's us vs them to the core.

Us: the educated. Them: the uneducated.
Us: the right ones. Them: the wrong ones.
We must make them like us, etc.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the above was a modest suggestion to make to Obi-Wan. That is...getting a saving acct is a good thing.

But he's 89 and he's made it this far in life doing things his way. And a savings acct, although good for you & me, would frustrate or confuse him.

agent wife said...

We had a savings account once. They told us we couldn't touch the money for x number of months. We signed on the dotted line and ended up counting the days down until we could use that money. So much for that.