Monday, November 06, 2006

Daze of our lives (Part II)

One of the sharpest and wisest people I’ve ever met is Obi-Wan. Equipped with an eighth grade education, this former farm boy and retired gas station attendant has more common sense than any upper level education crony I know. Yet Nurse Gollum has a subtle manipulative edge over him that he’s only beginning to realize.

Obi-Wan feels indebted to Nurse Gollum because, according to him, she really helped his late ailing wife in her dying days. And she also has done many personal errands for him long before I came around. So in a way, Nurse Gollum has free reign over his life and he does little to stop her. He trusts her. But he acknowledges that the dark side clouds his judgment.

About a year ago Nurse Gollum noticed that Obi-Wan had got to a place where he needed daily help cleaning his house, keeping up with his dishes, etc.

She noticed this because...I was the one cleaning his house. And I think this threatened her because until this point, she had always been the “hero” in his life. But I guess in her eyes I was some do-gooder who was one-upping her position. And Obi-Wan has things set up to where Nurse Gollum will receive most of his belongings when he passes on. So maybe she thought I might take over as lead inheritor or something…

Nurse Gollum has like 10 kids. Literally. Her oldest daughter Louise is also a home health care nurse who has occasionally worked with Obi-Wan. Louise is a lot like Nurse Gollum, but not as bad. Louise is also set up to receive some of the Obi-Wan estate when he passes.

Misty is Nurse Gollum’s youngest daughter. And like most babies of the family, I take it that she was spoiled and not taught to be responsible much. She is a former troubled youth with an attitude who is now in her late 20’s and raising 3 kids alone.

Nurse Gollum got it set up to where Misty was now Obi-Wan’s housekeeper. Technically, Misty was officially employed as a Personal Assistant to Obi-Wan by the same home health care outfit that employs Nurse Gollum. Misty’s job description involves cleaning the house & dishes, running errands, and other various duties that Obi-Wan might need assistance with. She was suppose to work for three hours, five days a week.

Obi-Wan didn’t like Misty because of her attitude. He didn’t trust her much and she wasn’t allowed in half of his house.

Misty may have run a vacuum and wash a few dishes for 30 minutes a day at the most. And that’s only when she showed up.

Basically, I was still doing the house chores and errands just like before. But the US government via Medicaid was paying Misty, who wasn’t doing much.

(part III to come)


Deana said...

so couldn't you go trough the same agency and get paid to do it?

Agent B said...

Patience, friend. There's still another chapter or so.