Thursday, November 16, 2006

Uncle George revisited

My all time hero in the faith is George Muller.

Anyone who housed over 120,000 orphans throughout a lifetime and refused to ask any individual to flip the bill for the kid’s needs or his own needs is beyond A-OK with me.

Muller solely trusted in the CEO and thus remained in constant communication with him. He refused pay for the sermons he delivered in churches and he never used the pulpit (or any public forum) to announce the needs of the children or his own life.

He only went to the CEO.

Uncle George believed that the CEO of the universe was the same today as He was yesterday and beyond.

I try to live the same.


I’m currently watching miracles unfold in my life even though other blatant needs go unmet. But I trust that my needs will be met in a timely fashion.

Muller started the orphanage in his own house in 1836. For the first two years, all needs were met well. But the years 1838-1846 was a period of great trial. The finances for the orphanage were barely existent. The years were supposedly "...designed by the Lord to deepen Mr. Muller's faith and to show him that prayer is no vain thing".*

I think I’m in a similar period of great trial. But I know and trust the CEO is there.

…and I pretend to walk this out with “…scarcely a tremor.”*

*(p. 87 of George Muller: Delighted in God by Roger Steer).

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we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses...