Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Testimony #020 & #021

#020: Before the family and I left town for the holidays last week, we received a support check in the mail.

This is weird because we’re missionaries, yet we don’t receive support of any kind.

Except from this one Canadian guy. He sends us a total of $1300 CAN a year in two checks. One in December and one in the spring.

The check is always in Canadian funds.

Texas banks are fairly non-cosmopolitan so they freak out when they see non-US funds. But since we’ll be in Canada when this check is dated (mid December), we can take it with us. And we won’t have to be totally broke and bumming off family.

Perfect timing.

#021: As of 11:30 this morning the Star Destroyer finally sold. Thank the CEO all around.

Over a week ago some local real estate big wig answered my ad for the car. And since his livelihood is based on haggling, I knew what I was in for.

He first made a ridiculously low offer. Then he bumped it up $1000. That was still lower than what I wanted, but nobody else had called on the car and our rent was over-due. It was Friday and I told him I’d think about it over the weekend.

After prayer, I decided to call him on Monday with a price slightly higher than his final offer. He wouldn’t take it. No sale.

But he called me twice later that week. He still wouldn’t budge on price. He wanted it bad. But I was out of town during his second call.

Then we get back from Houston and this 80 year old cattle rancher from Throckmorton calls. He was the real deal. He was friends with the late Watt Matthews so I knew he was one of those millionaire types that act real low-key.

In the end, Cattle Rancher bought it for about what it was worth, which was a little higher than Real Estate guy offered.

If I had been home to answer Real Estate guy’s call, I would have sold it to him for his low offer out of desperation.

Not only can we now pay November rent, but also rent through January. We can pay off the balance on the heat/AC unit we had installed 3 years ago. We can pay back dad for what was owed on the car. And there’s enough for food & bills through December or so.

And this morning the mortgage company called saying if we didn’t have the payment in by tomorrow, things would start getting nasty.

Perfect, perfect timing. Thank you CEO.

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