Tuesday, October 31, 2006

4th time's a charm

Tonight was our 4th Halloween here at this undisclosed location we call home. Which also means this is our 4th Halloween outside of the church culture. Thus, four years without fall-fests, Halleluiah Nights (I called them Halleluiah-weens) and all the other ways to churchify the event that’s still Halloween in the end.

Agent Wife’s Jesus mummy porch display made it’s 4th comeback this year. She said that nobody gets it. And after four years I finally realized why: Jesus defeating death doesn’t make sense to non-church people. Or at least to kids looking for candy. They all think it’s Osama Bin Ladin in some wishful mummified patriotic porch theme. Maybe the Jesus mummy is a hang-over from our church mentality. So it goes.

However, the Sanfords next door did it right. They had some kind of fun little scary-looking setup in their car port that they gathered in and passed out candy and cooked hotdogs. There were laughs and screams coming from their house all night.

I found a spare hockey mask laying around their house so I joined in the fun.


Angela said...
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agent wife said...

The Sandfords had fun and some of the older kids, but the small kids were terrified and crying. I actually saw an adult forcing his crying preschooler to approach a man dressed as a corps. What I'm not liking about ours is: 1- it is scary to some kids 2- only the churched get it. But maybe it will make other kids think. I don't know. I did notice that when I told the kids it was Jesus, they visibly relaxed and one girl went up to him and hugged him. To me that was worth it.