Sunday, November 05, 2006

Daze of our lives (Part I)

For months I have avoided writing reports about the nutty soap opera that is played out daily at the home of my dear friend and mentor Obi-Wan.

But I am facing a possible dilemma. Or a possible ethical reason for my being and thus, my secret agent calling could be in limbo.

So some background info:

Obi-Wan is old. He’s 89. And he’s a diabetic. So obviously, he has health issues. For several years Obi-Wan has had a home health care nurse visit him once a day. That nurse is Nurse Gollum.

And Yes, I gave her a Lord of the Rings moniker on purpose. She is very much identical to the Gollum character as Obi-Wan is to Frodo. And I guess I’m Samwise. (Agent Sam for short).

Obi-Wan and Nurse Gollum are both African-Americans (black for short). They have a long history together as Obi-Wan has known her since she was 10 years old which was over 50 years ago.

For over two years or so I’ve kept a suspicious eye on Nurse Gollum. My agent instincts tell me that she’s not 100% evil. She does her nursing job fairly OK. But I’m not convinced that she has Obi-Wan’s best interests in mind at all times. There’s too many conflicts of interests here.

And although she’s given me a few evil Gollum-like stares just out of Obi-Wan’s sight, I’ve been reluctant to share her story here because it would be a one sided story. And there is some good that comes out of her. Some.

Basically, my presence threatens her. It’s a careful juggling act of keeping my eye on her but not dragging Obi-Wan into this and thus not badmouthing Nurse Gollum behind her back.

To be continued...

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Deana said...

way to keep us coming back!

Miller said...

"twas pity that stayed Bilbo's hand"

i love your tone here, suspicion mixed with an awareness of the God in her.