Monday, January 01, 2007

packing bags

We are scheduled to leave Canada later this week, thus return to duty in the fair mother city. It has been an excellent 3-week break and we wouldn't trade it for anything. But we're looking forward to coming home.

I neglected to report that Obi-Wan returned home from the hospital on December 13, the night before we left. So we got to spend one evening with him. I have called him every 4-5 days or so during our vacation. He seems to be doing well, but very lonely. Thankfully, our neighbors the Mackey's had dinner with him one night.

There's a few reports brewing in my head for future posts: much of this Claiborne book that I am consuming has become inspirational if not reassuring that I'm not nuts (a matter of perspective, I guess). Also, the "so you want to" series will continue as I didn't intend for them to be left so abruptly. Maybe a reflection on this past year, especially in light of my January 1, 2006 post (The Table is not, nor will ever be a dead dream).

All that to say, I'm looking forward to getting more discussions rolling. But it may be a few days or a week from now.

Keep in touch.

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