Tuesday, January 16, 2007

so you want to be a secret agent: Part IV - disciple

The word “discipling” won’t pass the spell check on my computer. Maybe that says something.

Jesus tells us in his great commission to go make disciples of all nations.

Current church lingo has popularized the actions of “making disciples”, thus “discipling” in recent years. I suppose this is a good thing.

Question: is “discipling” just another euphemism for making people church members?

Are we to make people clones of ourselves? Or clones of the one who resides in us?

What are people becoming disciples of? The Sunday morning social club or jesus?

I’m all for “discipling” if it means showing people the one who lives within us...and if we’re humble enough to accept the jesus who may live in them.

More often than not, my neighbors have showed me the ways of the CEO by their actions and life.

Obi-Wan has lived a simple, generous, god-fearing life much of his 89+ years on earth. I am a disciple of the one who resides in Obi-Wan.

The Sanfords (although not professing Jesus…yet) have taught me more about the poor widow giving of her all (Luke 21:4) than any church program or membership group. It would not be a huge stretch for the Sanfords to join in the kingdom of the CEO. They’re almost there.


Matthew said...

They’re almost there.

Maybe they're already there? Do they still need to pass the citizenship exam?

Agent B said...

Citizenship exam. Good call.

I normally wouldn't make a statement about someone the way I did with the Sanfords.

But the Sanfords and my family are in a fairly deep relationship with each other. And they are still in allegiance with various false gods that help reap various destructions in their life. Thus, the judgement call of mine.

And we're given the license to judge on fruit bearing. So it goes.