Thursday, December 28, 2006

canada's just alright with me

Finally over the stomach bug. Got out in the snow today and looking forward to going into town tomorrow or soon after.

Canada is kind of an unknown land to most Texans, and I guess most Americans. This is a fact that pisses off Canadians to no end. They'll get over it, I'm sure.

But seriously, Canadian's subtle biterness against anything American is kin to a Napolean complex, or at least that's my diagnosis. I got nothing against Canada. And besides, I grew up next to Mexico. Most Texans don't care what's north of Oklahoma

I was introduced to Canada the way all rock loving suburbanites from Houston were: by Rush.

I haven't listened to Rush in years, except when they come on one of the fair mother city's two classic rock stations.

Geddy Lee gave all of us high-tech bass players with goofy voices hope: that we too could become cool.

My life is not despised one bit. But if I could do it all over, I'd be Geddy Lee. I can at least play some of Rush's songs while immitating his granny-on-steroids voice. That's gotta be valuable somewhere.

Anyway, never in my youth did I suspect I'd marry a Canadian. Glad I did, though.


Jason & Nicole said...

This makes me want to do an "Australia is just alright with me" post on my blog. :-)

I like Rush a lot, too. I have probably fantasized a time or two about being a cross between Jon Anderson and Steve Howe. Jon was the lead singer and Steve the lead guitarist for YES, you know.

Really glad you finally got Claiborne's book. I ran across his booklist a couple of days ago:


Agent B said...

Truth be known...YES was my band.

Ask our mutual friend Steve. I was the fir mo city's biggest YES fan back in college.

You do know they penned a song named "Abilene" - a rare B-side to "Don't Kill the Whale", 1978.

"Abilene, it's got a lot of what you don't need. It's got...lot's of space..."

Messianic Gentile said...


I am trying to raise jet pack deficiency awareness this year, since it is 2007 and we still don't have them.

I invite you and your readers to stop by and lend your support.

Thanks, and many blessings...

Elektron said...

Geddy Lee = Superhuman

He is my favorite bass player by far. Learning Rush songs has made my bass playing much more versatile.

It's sort of scary to listen to an old Rush song like Circumstances and see how great he was on the bass (while singing at the same time!) at such a young age.