Friday, January 05, 2007

token reflections

Slowly getting back into the agent gig.

My dear friend Obi-Wan is alive and kicking. He fried us catfish tonight. We’re definitely back home.


2006 was the year of “wait”. And waiting for exactly what, I don’t know. But why should I know. The CEO is the CEO. And I am not.

I don’t find it a coincidence that over the holidays I receive a book that has not only inspired me, but somewhat confirmed my life as it were. Irresistible Revolution could be the latest trendy Christian book for all I know. And its author might be the next “cool” Christian for youth group kids to look up to. I don’t know.

But I do know that as I’m reading this book I’m thinking…hot damn, this is what I’ve been doing all along. And I never really knew what I was doing or if it was called anything.

I still refrain from calling my agent life by any description other than “agent”. But, I guess it’s nice to read a book and realize that I’m far from being alone.

Christianity sucks. I do not care for the church I’ve known growing up either. And I despise the American dream and lifestyle of consumerism. It's godless.

I, Agent B, am publicly renouncing any association with these.

And it’s nice to know there are others on similar journeys.


On January 1, 2006 I posted my dream for The Table. I also posted various reports on The Table as it progressed throughout the year.

The reports stopped. There was nothing to report. The dream still exists.

But now after reading the Claiborne book, the dream may slightly shift. Only slightly. I’m not ready to report details.

And I do feel that we already have The Table in existence. We had The Table at Obi-Wan’s tonight, for example.


2006 brought much fear into my life as I struggled mentally on how bills would be paid and my family would be fed each month. And yet, here I stand as one whose bills are paid and my family has not gone hungry. Lillies of the field and bird of the air, my friend.

I am growing more and more into faith that the CEO has me in this place to trust him. I will no longer trust the criticisms of man, surroundings of my nation, and the influence of family.


Miller said...

rock on bro!

rock on!

priest said...

that book really messed me up. glad we haven't met yet--your life would probably be more convicting.

Matthew said...

I will no longer trust the criticisms of man, surroundings of my nation, and the influence of family.

Because the CEO is incapable of speaking through things like criticism, culture and family. =>

Agent B said...

CEO incapable?


But because the criticisms of man, nation, and family (in my life) are contrary to what the CEO says.

Anonymous said...

Don't look to newfound literature for guidance B. I would like to think writings that stand the test of time, such as the scripture, would have more meaningful & relavent insight to life & would be a better guide as a whole. There have been way too many 'Michael Chritons' and such as of late, that can deliver messages that will relate to anyones life, which in-turn, make you think that they have the answer. Horoscopes work the same way.
BTW..Don't wait for things to happen for you. Go make them happen. It may not be immediate, but you have too many people counting on you to wait for 'divine intervention'. God has always helped those who helps themselves.
About 'hating Christianity': I agree Christianity is too much business today & I personally would rather spend time in a small church or alone with God, instead of making a pastor rich, but saying this condemns the religion as a whole & doesnt make you look any better in the process.
Go and make an effort to get what you want & need in life. Surrounding yourself with successful, positive people & aspects can only help you, and doesnt mean you have to give up on those that need your help.

from a friend.....

Agent B said...

Dear “anonymous”:

Thanks for the concern.

But if you really knew me, thus were a true “friend” (a word I don’t take lightly – John 15) you would know me as one who doesn’t alter my life based on something written in some new book.

Yeah, scripture is more meaningful. Like ‘cast your burdens upon him’, ‘wait on the lord’, ‘those who wait upon the lord shall renew their strength’, etc.

Going and making things happen might be biblical, but so is waiting.

And please, if you’re not going to give a name, at least leave a scripture reference to that “god helps people who help themselves” nonsense. I have grown weary hearing that amongst north American Christians in reference to the poor. It’s heartless and sickening.

And what’s wrong with condemning a religion? (BTW - I’m not worried about how I look). I don’t believe Jesus was setting up a new religion, rather a new upside down way of life: love your enemy, serve those who persecute you, give away what you have, etc.

I think I have ‘made things happen’. My family has no debt: we own money to no man or institution (unless you count our mortgage, but I could sell the house and make all the money back and then some). We have no debt because we refuse to live for stuff. And like The Way in Acts, we have shared with those around us and they share with us. The CEO has honored that provided for us richly.

And I can’t agree with that “surround yourself with successful people” nonsense. That sounds more like Dr. Phil (or Michael Chriton) rather than the CEO’s word.

...up late with the baby...

ericaprosser said...

Shift happens.