Tuesday, January 23, 2007

same as the old boss

There are situations in life that we flee or escape from...all to find ourselves jump right back into a similar situation without our knowing.

I got burned out from Christian music and praise and worship stuff a long time ago. Part of it had to do with going undercover and blending in with the locals. But mostly there was something lacking in the Christian stuff by way of injustice or even relevance. And Christian music by and large really sucks.

So I found topics that appeal to my faith delivered via prophecy on classic rock radio.

One of my favorite prophetic bands, The Who, sings a song about keeping your eyes open to the same-ole same-ole. Or rather...the Empire that wants to rob us of our imagination and soul. It’s summed up in the last line:

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss.

Grab your guitar and play just like yesterday, then get on your knees and pray: don’t get fooled again.


Mike said...


thats all. just nice.

oh, and you are so lazy dude.

Agent B said...


JesusFreak said...

you probably have already heard about it, but 90.5 has some really good christian music. well, at least i think so...actually, all i listen to now is christian music. although, the other 2 christian stations do play a little too much of the amy grants and john teshes stuff for my taste.