Friday, January 19, 2007

lead role in a cage

Recently I did something I never thought I’d ever do. And that’s show up at a local joint with my 10 caliber and play at an open mic night.

I’ve tried making a go at my former musician identity in recent years, but the opportunities for my act were few and my past demons were strong.

I figure this open mic night would work for my slow and steady re-entry into that hot tub known as the gigging circuit.

This place was filled with like 99% young college students. Which means none of them knew of me since I haven’t played much since 2002. That was more than fine with me. Fresh start, I suppose.

All went well. The young crowd was far more attentive and responsive than I expected.

There were several others there playing too that night, mostly singer/song-writer types. One kid played a unique performance of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”.

That got me thinking of Jack’s recent post on a line from that song that goes “did you exchange the walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?”

I am convinced that there was a necessary period of my life to lay low and get out of the public spotlight in everything I do, including music.

But getting back “out there” in the gig universe has been difficult.

My music is a warring of sorts, and I let the enemy talk me into being a caged hero of nothing in recent years.

I think I’m finally getting released.



Miller said...

sounds like you took the walk on part in the war!

strength and honor

secretagentwife said...

It's good to hear the sounds of music in our home again. The kids love it and it makes our hearts soar. We're your number one groupies and if you ever need roadies, in a few years we'll have 4 more arms to help lift and load!

Deana said...

I've gone back and forth about if I should write this because it seems incomplete to me...but it's what is in my head after reading this.

Everynight when we go to bed Olive(our dog) gets off of our bed and goes into her crate. She doesn't have to be told, but because she was trained early on in our house, that's just what she does insticlively.

She'll sleep there all night whether the latch is closed or not. In the morning she will whine to be let out, even if the door is opened just a little bit. All she has to do is push the door open...even just nudge it and it opens up. But she will not leave her cage until we've opened the door all the way.

We've always found this so strange that all she has to do is push it on open to get out...but instead she sits in there and whines about it until it's opened all the way.

Now I think you know me well enough to know I am not calling you a whiner...or that you are a dog in a no one else needs to go there either. But I do think that if the cage is unlocked...nudge, push or kick the damn door open! :)

Agent B said...

Yes, Deana. That dog in an open cage analogy is pretty much it.

This whole thing is just mental. I always worry over if I suck or not. But the other night was such a low pressure gig, I just kicked ass (I think).

Although my act really is sort of specialized, so there's not too many places or outlets for it. But that never stopped me from playing at least 2-3 times a month from '98-'02.

This open mic deal serves 2 desires of mine: 1) get out and play again and 2) meet some new folks who are looking for band members. I'm tired of my solo act and I'm ready to be in a band again. Very ready.