Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Obi-Wan update 01.24.07

Obi-Wan is home from the hospital, in what could be his shortest hospital stay ever: 7 days.

He's doing well, but his legs are weaker than ever before. It's getting dang near impossible for him to walk around, even with his walker.

He has an electric wheelchair for going out around the neighborhood and maybe someday for use in his house (if he ever lets me rearrange his furniture).

But we really need a regular push wheelchair that can fold up and fit in the Millenium Falcon's trunk for when we visit his doctors, etc.

Any of you locals got any leads on where I might aquire such a wheelchair for next to nothing?...please contact me on the agent hot-line.

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Miller said...

i don't know why i didn't think of this earlier but you should call David Catalina at Global Samaritan Resources...

i think they can help you out with that.