Monday, January 22, 2007

excerpt from ABV

“Then he will say to those religious jackasses on the left, ‘Hope you enjoy hell! I mean, hey:

I was damn near starving...and you sent me to some half-assed church food pantry for some canned goods.

I was thirsty and you said ‘There’s a water fountain at the library’.

I was lonely and cold and you sent me down to the Salvation Army, where I almost got stabbed.

I needed you sent me to another bureaucratic church-run non-prof machine that made me fill out personal information on a stack of forms...just so I could receive some garage-sale reject clothing.

I was sick AND in prison...and you sent me a freakin’ chaplain??!? Why? That guy doesn’t even know me!’

And the guys on the left answered, ‘Lord, when did we send YOU away to these great helps organizations? I’ve never seen you...and I’d never forget that face of yours.’

He will say, ‘I AM the POOR. If you do it to them, you do it to me. Case closed.”

*(Matthew 25:41-45 from the Agent B Version)