Saturday, January 13, 2007

to such as these

It is fun being the dad of a 2 year old.

This is not a sarcastic statement. I mean that.

Agent Offspring #1 (AO1) is starting to talk to and about Jesus on his own initiative.

A few days ago we attended the funeral of a woman who founded the izzy group ministry. Not understanding death, we explained that the woman went to be with Jesus.

On the way there, he kept saying, “See Jesus. AO1 see Jesus”, he said.

“I don’t know. We might”, I said.

I missed about 95% of the service due to AO1’s discovery of a playroom nursery. Plus, I had to change the worst dirty diaper in his 2 year existence.

I’m sure Jesus was in that playroom or diaper somewhere.

Then yesterday, our next door neighbor Freida Sanford called with two enormous boxes of wheat bread to give us. She must have got some killer give-away deal from the food bank. She knows how to hunt out deals like that.

We managed to spread it around some of this great provision to a few friends and neighbors.

AO1 calls it the “Jesus toast”.

Then last night we had another fish fry at Obi-Wan’s. Good eating. In the middle of dinner he kept saying “Jesus...hos-bo” over and over.

Earlier that day, Agent Wife and the kids and another friend went to visit Betty Cherry at the hospital.

“Did you see Jesus at the hospital?”

“Yes. Jesus...hos-bo”.

Yeah. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jesus was at the hospital. That’s one of the places I’d expect to find him.

CEO: please teach me to see things the way AO1 sees things.


Deana said...

I'm sure babies see things we don't remember how to see. I loved this report.

Jason & Nicole said...

I loved this report, too.

Mark said...

see you and AO1 at the party, i know we'll find jesus there too