Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's a weird-ass life

2006 has been one of the weirdest years of my life. We have had no normal income and no budget to operate under. But we’ve made it.

And I credit all to the CEO.

Agent Offspring #2 was born in July and we had nothing. But AO2 was born fine and has made it.

Nothing makes sense on paper or even on these blog reports. But we’ve made it.

We’re broker than we’ve ever been, but we have a ridiculously new luxury car in our driveway (which thank god it’s finally for sale).

I rarely have $5 in my pocket and my jeans are getting so faded and ripped (ehh…so what) yet I sometimes wear a $250 watch my uncle gave me. It’s the only trustworthy timepiece I’ve got.

All this stuff reminds me when my wife and I officially joined the agent-hood in 2000. That year I reported to the IRS our earnings of $8000. Which is like way below poverty level. But that year we traveled more than we ever do: Atlanta, LA, and even on a 4-day camping/canoeing trip in remote northern Saskatchewan. We were so broke but we did more than we’ve ever done in a year.

And I had always wanted to attend a 10-caliber seminar like the ones they host in California and New York. But I could never afford to go. So in 2001 I hosted my own in the fair mother city. Our seminar teacher was one of the most well-known 10 caliber players, who has recorded and toured with the Dave Matthews Band. The seminar was a huge success.

This year it’s starting to look like we may visit family in Canada for the holidays. They are generously offering to flip the bill for our travel expenses. This may be a real juggling act since I’m trying to sell the one reliable car (Star Destroyer) we have access to. But if it doesn’t sell by then I guess we’ll take it there. However, the Millennium Falcon may make it fine. She’s got 237,000 miles and can still outrun the empire. But who knows if she’ll handle –20C temps.

And then there’s the dozens of jobs I’ve been applying for as part of my new fishing gig. I’ve had a few interviews and so far nothing’s panned out. But if the right one comes my way soon, I’m sure leaving the country for 3 weeks around Christmas time would not be an option.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we end up in Canada two months from now. Expect the unexpected.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve chosen the right path in life.

We’re not anyone’s hero or savior. But I wonder where everything would have been had we not lived on this street, in the fair mother city, operating undercover.

What would have become of Obi-Wan, The Sanford’s and their network, the Valdez’s and their extended family, Sebastian and Jenny, and dozens of others.

What would my life and everyone else’s life have been like had I joined the rat race trying to make a buck?

CEO – I’m willing to stick this out, even if it doesn’t make sense. Show me where to cast my net.


Miller said...

its been a weird-ass year alright...

and its gettin' weirder all the time!

i have no doubt that the weirdest thing will be your report on the amazing journey you make to canada and back in the millenium falcon.

press on bro

Mark said...

I want to see that star destroyer and falcon face off. my guess is that MF will take on that SD any day!

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