Sunday, October 15, 2006

Testimony #019

I must thank the CEO for our week and our excellent weekend.

At the beginning of the week, Agent Wife and I had three bills due and no money whatsoever. Plus, there was a family reunion in East TX that we wanted to attend. But there was no way we could travel to it on good intentions. And family reunions on my side of the family are unheard of. They haven't happened in over 30 years. And 2006 seems to be this healing/renaissance period in my life as I'm meeting and befriending family I never knew I had.

Agent wife prayed for what seemed impossible (reunion attendance) while I prayed and tried to find ways to pay bills.

Due to three highly unexpected blessings, we not only have all bills paid now, but traveled to the reunion, enjoyed it, and have some money left over.

And oh yeah...caught up on an amazing amout of sleep last night.

Still casting nets. Still listening.

CEO - thank you for showing me that your agendas aren't like mine.

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