Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Testimony #018

Thursday September 28 - title for the Star Destroyer was transfered in my name. No small feat whatsoever. What seemed impossible was now a reality.

Today at 4:30p - open mailbox to receive the following letter from the tax assessor office:

Dear Agent B:

This is to inform you that the Affidavit of Heirship for a Motor Vehicle that you turned in at the time of a [sic] Title Application has been rejected [sic] The reason is that these a [sic] copies. We can not [sic] except [sic] copies of any type of paperwork theirfore [sic] your transactions has [sic] been canceled [sic].

We need you to come AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. As of now your Lic plates as well as your Application for a Title is [sic] cancelled. Should you get stoped [sic] by the police you may get a ticket.

A clash between ineptness and legalism. This was going to be tough.

Basically they were saying that two different forms I turned in were no good because I had faxed them to the people who needed to sign them.

But I specifically remembered the woman telling me that it was OK to fax the document, but the signature and notary had to be real. So the signed copy had to be mailed back to me, which they both were...with real signatures and notorized.

Agent Wife prayed for favor while I left for the tax assessor office. This could have been pretty tense. But I have a weird trait about being ridiculously calm in tense situations. It's come in handy several times in life. Especially when I've had to call 911. Or tell my mom that my finger was half cut off due to a knife mishap when I was 11.

I showed up and explained all this to the same woman. She showed me the forms in question. Turned out that it was not the "sellers" signature in question. It was I had signed both documents before faxing them. My signature was a copy.

"So...", I said, "...I'm standing right here. Could I just re-sign them right here in front of you?". As opposed to having my Uncle in Wyoming and some guy in Dallas re-sign and notorize a new form and go through all this bullshit again.

She and two other women had to get on the phone with an official in Austin to see if that was OK. Gotta love legalism.

Meanwhile I prayed a LOT and muttered a few jedi mind tricks under my breath. "These forms will do just fine." "You don't need any more original copies".

The official in Austin OK'd me re-signing it in front of long as I was writing with a blue pen.

Well hot damn. Give me a blue pen. And get me out of here.

Then she discovered that last week she over charged us $10 for the licensing fees and etc. So she had to write out a credit form so a check can be mailed to me.

Which I later learned Agent Wife was praying that something good, if not better would come out of this.

Long story short: I thought I was going to have to do this whole title nonsense all over again and instead I'm getting $10.

I may go buy some beer.

Thank you CEO. And thanks for not forgetting about me.


Mike Exum said...

A toast to that one!

Many blessings...

Deana said...

very nice...

i'm back from across the pond...trying to catch up on all my reading. i know it doesn't mean much for me to say i hope you don't have to sell your instrument, but i've seen steve have to sell his instruments more than once...and it is always so hard on him. but on the flip side of that, every time he sells one...along the way he finds a replacement really on sale...and better than the one he sold. i guess all i'm saying is it's a hard decision to make, and i'm sorry you're faced with it.

i will say this...if you end up selling it, try will most likely get a lot more for it and the buyer will end up paying all of the shipping and handling.

Verbny said...

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God !

b said...

mmmmm . . . beer

Pastor Phil said...

Nice story. Nice ending. Happy Oktoberfest bro!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile.
lil' sis