Sunday, October 01, 2006


Hung out with the Sanfords tonight. Frieda and family had another one of their trademark backyard parties. This time the occasion was Frieda's hysterectomy...scheduled tomorrow.

There weren't many people there. Just seven of us plus my two babies.

The Tiger was manning his usual posts: 1) at the grill burning all the meat, but making it taste good anyway and 2) as the under-aged bartender, anxiously passing out beers before you could say "no thanks" and finish the one in your hand.

Frieda and her boyfriend Manuel have a couple/friend that's just like them: a bi-cultural couple with a language barrier. Both women speak English only and little Spanish. But their men speak Spanish exclusively.

Manuel and the other guy, Paco, work together clearing mesquite fields with chainsaws and selling the wood for the land owner. Paco's woman, Kay, works and manages a convenient store putting in 60 hours plus a week. That's got to be the worst gig in the world. I feel for her.

I asked Kay how things were going. "Work and sleep. Work and sleep", she said.

Kay drinks a good bit. It's her escape from the daily empire and doledrums of her life.

Frieda was throwing the party because she can't eat anything after midnight tonight due to her surgury tomorrow. So, might as well eat like there's no tomorrow on the day before.

I can relate to both women right now.

These days I can use an escape too. I keep one foot firmly planted in reality as I refuse a total escape. But for the first time ever, I can see what drives a person to drink.

Kay needs an immediate escape. Frieda wants to celebrate because who knows what life will be like tomorrow.

I have hope in the CEO's provision and promises.

But...I can relate.

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