Sunday, October 22, 2006

minor scare deja vu

Much like an incident that happened a year ago, Obi-Wan was rushed to the hospital yesterday due to extremely low blood sugar. But thankfully, he was back home within a couple of hours.

Obi-Wan's home health care worker, Nurse Gollum, found him sitting in his chair and mumbling nonsense. She called 911 then came and got me.

It was almost 6pm. And we gathered that he had not eaten all day. I last saw Obi-Wan at noon when he was cooking soup on his stove and talked about making corn bread in the oven. When I arrived with Nurse Gollum, the burner was still on and the soup was all dried up. And the oven was on with a burned up corn bread blacker than a tire.

So my guess is that he hadn't eaten breakfast, than he fell asleep while his lunch cooked. Good thing his house didn't burn down.

He had a little sandwich at the emergency room and he was back home with some fried chicken by 9pm.

Thank you CEO.

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