Thursday, October 26, 2006

the man (Samaritans #002)

I’ve been dwelling on the good Samaritan story for a few days.

In case you missed it, the last report was a vague attempt to compare Frieda Sanford and her family to the good Samaritan.

A small amount of research, on my part, shows that in Jesus’ day Samaritans were considered “half-breeds” to the jews both physically and spiritually and therefore, less than human.

I guess Samaritans didn’t adhere to the same life and customs to the “chosen ones” (jews). Much like how today’s poverty class have a very different life and value system than the religious people that make up the middle class.

In Jesus’ parable, I assume that “the man” was a jew. Makes sense because Jesus was telling this story to a jewish leader.

I would also assume that because “the man” was a jew, he would not care much for Samaritans. He probably argued with them and mocked them.

For purposes of reflection, understanding, and self-indulgence, I, Agent B, can identify with “the man”.

I was once fairly religious and in a position to make judgmental comments if not mock those who obviously lived outside the christian lifestyle.

And yes, I was once robbed and beaten up and left on the roadside of life for dead.

And yes, both the religious leaders and laypeople sailed past me. They probably didn’t want to get involved or get their hands dirty or scar their own image by being associated with the hurt and wounded.

Only the Samaritans of this day and age would have anything to do with me. They aided me and gave of their all. To me...the guy who least deserved their attention.

Still trying to figure out where to go with this...


Matthew said...

Interesting comparison.

Deana said...

Agent you listen to Rob Bell's weekly podcast? This week his message was "Jesus Wants to Save Christians part:VI"

Now i'm not one for listening to preaching on tapes...but this guy is just amazing. The things he digs and pulls out of the bible...I think you would really enjoy this message.

Let me know what you think of it.

Katrina said...


I need a new CD from you. Can you make a new one soon?



Agent B said...

Matt: I'm usually a fan of 2 word replys. But my mother-in-law always uses the word "interesting" to shyly confess her disapproval. So...further comment would be fine.

Deana: you sent me a link to that guy once. Good speaker. Will try to listen to this one.

Kat: If you are in need of a replacement CD to the one you have...plenty more where that came from. If you are encouraging me to record a follow up...that would take more finances and inspiration than I can muster right now. Thanks for asking.

Miller said...

is it really true that you've been left on the road side for dead?

deana said...

This specific one disects the story of the good samaritan...amazing really.

Agent B said...

is it really true that you've been left on the road side for dead?

Well...figuratively speaking. And maybe not left for dead. But definately beat up. No big deal. So it goes.

Agent B said...

Deana: we listened to that message. Good perspective (all about hate, etc).

Guess that's what the CEO was showing me on this post. Weird coincidence I guess.