Thursday, September 28, 2006

one small step for man

Had a breakthrough event today. It may seem like nothing to most, but it's huge for me.

After jumping through about 400 legal hoops, sending and receiving documents via fax and overnight express, getting notarized signatures from distant uncles, and wine-n-dining step brothers we never knew...

My dad and I finally got the title transferred for the Star Destroyer.

This is huge. I mean...when this thing entered my life almost 3 months ago I thought it was going to be a financial rescue for me. Yet I couldn't sell it because the title wasn't in my name. We assumed it was in my late grandfather's name. Then we discovered that the title was not only in the name of one dead person but in two. And the second name (my late grandfather's late wife) isn't even a relative of mine. So getting her estate to sign over this car seemed damn near impossible.

This whole ordeal was a mere picture of how most everything in my life seems to have gone in recent months: impossible.

I am claiming this title transfer as the first miracle of many to come. Thank you CEO.


In other interview this morning went well. Don't know if/when I'll find out anything. But I'm real confident about it.

It's for a government (state) job, so the interview was pretty cut-n-dry and to the point.

It's out of my hands now. If it's meant to be, it'll be.

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