Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gone fishing #002

It's just getting funny.

And I mean ha ha funny. I'm laughing. In a good way.

This morning I call up one of the places I've applied at recently. I knew they were interviewing this week and I had not heard from them. So I thought I'd call and ask if I had a shot at an interview. At least I'd know if this door was closed or not.

"Yeah Agent B, you have an interview. I left you a message".

"" (Yeah, right. Not according to my answering machine and caller ID).

"Yes. Or...maybe you're phone was busy". (Yeah...maybe. OK, that's believable. Agent Wife & I abhor call waiting so our phone doesn't have it. We believe in first come, first serve.)

"OK. So when is this interview scheduled?"

"Today at 3:30".

Well, hot damn. I'm glad I called. Sure hate to be a no-show for a job interview...that I didn't KNOW about.

So, I pretty much plan my afternoon around the 3:30 event. I had some outdoor, manual labor tasks that I had planned on doing, but I put them off since this 3:30 gig fell right in the middle of them.

So I show up on time. Plenty early actually. I was told to wait in the hallway on a bench for 5-10 minute because the boss had left temporarily.

Then the woman asks me if they could reschedule the interview for Monday morning.

I'm still laughing.

For those of you not familiar with the fair mother city...THIS is a prime example of the level of professionalism around here. Yup. Everything is pretty much just a mon-n-pop good ole boy club within most every industry. So it goes.

But the only word the CEO shared with me about this season of my life is WAIT.

I've been waiting for everything. Now...this interview.

Amazingly enough, this kind of thing would have shot me through the roof by now.

But I currently have more peace in life right now than I've had in the past two weeks. It's supernatural. I can't explain it. So, I'm expecting the CEO to deliver something huge in my life and in a big way.

...still laughing.


miller said...

i definitely would not be laughing!

thanks to the CEO for the grace he's giving you!


Deana said...

I feel like that...we push and push and push to change things and it is like hitting a brick wall...with the only word being...wait...just cool it and wait!

Pastor Phil said...

One day you are crying, and the next day you are laughing.

I know exactly how you feel - be there doing that.

In these seasons of high tension, I am not sure how different crying and laughing are from one another - except that laughing brings more peace in its moment of cathartic release.

Grace in your face bro.

Pastor Phil said...
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Jason & Nicole said...

Maybe the general resurrection is coming soon . . . maybe that's why your interview got "rescheduled".

Honestly, though, the 150 lb. barrier is overrated.