Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gone fishing #004

Nothing really new to report. Still throwing nets out. Still fighting off depression. Still questioning self worth, yet knowing the truth of who I am. But just questioning it since all looks impossible from where I stand these days.

The Handy man gig appears to have been a temp deal. Bill could call me again if he has a big enough job, etc.

I forgot to mention that the organization founded by legendary agents William & Catherine Boothe sent me an official letter two weeks ago letting me know "thanks, but no thanks". Not that I didn't already know that. But they were decent enough to mail me and state so.

I have a job interview this Thursday with the state. It's a potentially good paying gig with actual benefits, etc. But it involves being in the vicinity of hundreds of convicts. Should be interesting.

Just throwing out nets and spitting on demons. That's all I can do now.

Multi thanks for everyone's encouragement during these dark and confusing times.


g13 said...

hey man, at least they had the decency to contact you. i've never heard from that damn book company i interviewed with.

Mark said...

i'm thinking and praying for your family right now. your words and life are priceless to me, and worth even more to God.

Elaine said...

Just as all of the people you have helped in the past and present times have stories to tell. You will also have a story to tell that no one else can share. Be encouraged that God knows the plot of your story. He is with you through each event. He has not brought you to this point to leave you. Keep fishing. You will use the right net or bait at the right location to catch the right type of fish. Who knows, you might walk along and find a single fish with the gold coin in the mouth! With God ALL things are possible.