Monday, September 18, 2006

Agent Handy Man (deja vu)

Thanks to our friend Jack in the agent network, I've got a small paying handy man apprentice gig. I love doing these things. It just sucks that I have no formal skills in this arena that is an easy and eternal money-maker for many.

In some ways I may be way out of my element. I can feel pretty clumsy with pros. But I'm doing all right.


Jason & Nicole said...

Congratulations! I expect it is tough to have "supervision" when you're new at something. You think you're out of your element. I just got a part time job a few weeks ago babysitting a now 9-month old boy. I think I'm on poopy diaper number 10. Today I lost a little terd that rolled out during the squirm. I had to pin the kid's legs down to keep him from squirming into the poo. Does diaper-changing count as ministry?

Anyway, I hope you're at least as good at being the handy man apprentice as I am at changing diapers.


miller said...

everything counts!

J. Ryan Ruch said...

'Jack' is a great guy to learn from. I'll never wield a chainsaw the same way again!

Matthew said...