Saturday, July 22, 2006

Return of Uncle Kurt

Recent days have been a deja vu of some needy times I lived through earlier this year.

In late February and eary March of this year, all of the outward signs of desperation were making themselves available. Obi-Wan had entered the hospital for what turned into a 3 week stay. We sold our beloved Sable. But our bright shining moment of joy in the darkness of need was a homeless man named Kurt, or renamed Uncle Kurt around our place.

Well, it's now July and here we are again in great need. Obi-Wan's back in the hospital. Yet, instead of selling a car, we received one. And today Uncle Kurt calls us out of the blue.

I have been wanting to find him for a while. But family visitors and AO2's birth was occupying my time. So I had planned to hunt him down next week.

Like old times, Uncle Kurt, AO1 and I visited Obi-Wan in the hospital tonight. Uncle Kurt must think he lives there.

Uncle Kurt and I tried to catch up on each others lives from the past few months. I've heard a few reports of his life from Agent S of the downtown baptist beach head. Uncle Kurt never made mention of these so I wasn't going to ask.

My favorite thing he said was of a dream/vision he had last week. This dream was of the izzy group ministry. He saw the izzy ministry located in the building I'd like to use for The Table (Uncle Kurt was present when I met the owner of that property last February). I was operating the dining hall, Agent Wife was doing something with a large group of little kids, The Bossman was doing something else in a different storefront, and there were tons of people. The cars were lined up and down the street.

When people share a dream they had of you, it's hard to take them seriously. But for years, the CEO has communicated to me almost exclusively through dreams (and I haven't had any dreams for months which is why I'm frustrated these days). So...I usually take note of dreams.

Especially ones from a homeless guy who seems to have no agenda.


Pastor Phil said...

Communications through dreams? Cool. We've been spending an afternoon a week opening The Vault up for dream interpretation. It's been pretty radical. May your dreams come true - not your nightmares though. ;-)

Mike said...

Didn't Jesus say that if when you see the homeless and needy you see him? and didn't he say that he would use those of no account in this world to shame the wise?

dude i would trust a dream from a homeless person before i trust it from a preacher - having been one myself i know we are mostly full of shit.