Monday, July 10, 2006

Wait: this is getting funny

Still no baby.

Agent Wife and I went to her scheduled doctor appointment this morning. The baby is definitely over due. I don't believe the doctor talked
us into this (or scared us too bad with all the possible ill effects of waiting too long), but...Lord willin' and the creek don't rise (or the water don't break)...Agent Wife will be induced tomorrow morning.

We're not big into "playing God" and we usually like things to go naturally in our lives. But we're aware that this kind of thought process can go into extremes - ie: no birth control, no medicines, no common sense, and etc.

Agent Offspring #1 was born fine two years ago but with one small "imperfection": a small bump on the inside of the mouth. We watched it for several months and prayed it would go away. It didn't. Instead it got slightly bigger. It was some kind of bone spur or something. We casually consulted doctors about it and when we felt it was the right time, had it removed in an operation.

I never felt as helpless and vulnerable in my life as watching my 11 month old get carried away into an operating room by a nurse.

But I wasn't panicking and everything was just fine. AO1 was literally in our backyard playing with the dog only an hour after going under for surgery. I was like no big deal.

And unless the CEO shows us something before tomorrow morning, I am expecting this birth to also be no big deal.


miller said...

i'm prayin for you guys...

and you're right, everything will be alright...

is alright.


Deana said...

good luck with it all tomorrow...hope everything goes smoothly! can't wait to hear about it all!

Mike said...

hmm, my hillbilly witch doctor grama had some conconction for inducing labor in our cows. it worked every time. you could also take rust off a bumper with it and she would put it in our wounds.

you are in texas aren't there any hillbilly solutions down there? like doing three jumping jacks while holding a fresh laid egg in each of the arm pits on the third night after a fool moon?

Agent B said...

fool moon. lol.

Don't know any hillbilly concoctions. But she'd be glad to try some. Believe me.

She swims 100 laps at the Y every week. Even at 9 mo pregnant. And that didn't work. That's my girl.

Oh...this is funny...

My mother-in-law (who's here with us for a good portion of time) is a retired baby delivering nurse and one-time mid wife. She has a funny habit of offering unique, but well meaning medical advice.

She told my wife last week can help induce labor.

Then that night she and my father-in-law turned in early. I guess to leave us alone or something.

Still laughing.

Pastor Phil said...

That's one smart mum-in-law. You didn't tell us if you tried the medical advice bro.

Grace at ya' manana.

Agent B said...

Phil: we've tried everything.

More than once.