Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This word doesn't sit well with me these days.

Yet the CEO's only word of instruction for me in this era of my life is wait.


wait for purpose
wait for identity
wait for the fate of the izzy group
wait for finances

...and now we wait for the birth of our second child. Agent Wife's due date was Monday. No sign of birthing yet.


miller said...

we wait with you man...

love and peace

ahbahsean said...

soon and soon.
and then we get baby pictures. :)

Elaine said...

It's all about timing! If everything happened right when we want it, things would be so messed up or not fully complete. Our purpose is to praise Him and walk with Him in the cool of the day like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Our delay in walking with Him in the cool of the day is clouded by worries, fears, and doubts - all a result of that knowledge tree fiasco. That messed up our realization of who we are in Him. We became confused and searched for the "hidden truths" and wanted to cover our rears (literally) because of it. He knows who we are and the plans that He has for us. We have choices to make that can alter the timing. Praise Him while you wait. I have recently heard someone say that the amount of faith you have is equivalent to the amount of joy you have in all situations, not just the good times. I am not saying that I am there yet. I am working towards that. I react more with my five senses rather than wait on His timing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope all goes well in the delivery of your second child.

Mike said...

i am with you man. i don't think i have ever really been at ease with the way God governs the universe. or at least the little part i am in.

we are all looking forward to the baby pics.

Pastor Phil said...

Are we there yet?

My dad used to answer, "In about ten minutes." That was when we still hours away.

Agent B said...

Just when I think I've become a "pro" at waiting...suddenly there's more waiting.

And then I realize I suck at waiting.

The truth hurts.

...and not to ruin anyone's hope in waiting...but in keeping up with the original mission and purpose of the agent b files, there will be no real names or baby pictures posted on these reports. All family of mine shall remain anonymous and out of the spotlight.

Baby pics & info will be in private emails and other communications...

This message delivered by B...