Monday, July 24, 2006


Joined agent forces today with the Jack-of-all-trades. He's working on some sort of project involving Google Earth, his lap top, his old pickup, and mapping out various strategic and geographic places around the fair mother city involving the lost, faith communities, and etc. Perhaps he'll explain this better than I.

I got to go along for a ride to help Jack identify infamous homeless camps hidden amongst the mesquite brush along the seldom used north/south railroad. Ironically, we parked under the very bridge I was at earlier that morning with Uncle Kurt. Not exactly a place I go regularly.

Amidst the railway ties, concrete and scant vegetation we prayed, dreamed, and brainstormed. I mean really...just how rocket-science is it to come up with a way to support ourselves and our dreams?

I'm all for Jack's dream. He's devising a plan to create low cost housing for families such as single moms.

We've brainstormed a potential gig kin to Morris Ruddick's "Joseph/Daniel Calling" schtick - creating our own trade of sorts to support ourselves and fund these opposed to "collection plate mentality" or finding a sugar-daddy.

Maybe more later. Stay tuned.

And if nothing becomes of today's events, at the very least I was highly encouraged. I needed that badly.


Scott said...

that sounds great guys. Putting your two heads together should come up with something grand. I will pray that you will have the stamina, the clear thinking, and the creativity to make this work. Good luck.

Jason & Nicole said...

good to hear this.