Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Testimony #014

Through the generosity of anonymous individuals and various family members, Agent Wife and I have been caught up on bills.

I thank the CEO for this. However, I have grown weary of being a burden on others, even if they've shared without my begging.

I trust the CEO with all of my needs. He has always provided. However, this recent ordeal might have served as a wake-up call for me to find some kind of employment, be it full time, part time or temporary. The agent gig is not being abandoned. My dream for The Table still exists.

This could be like John 21 where those guys were throwing their nets over and over...then jesus shows up and says "good try. Now do it this way".

The last time I tried looking for employment the CEO shows up in my life and said "How about trusting me?" And I've more or less walked on water for the last 21 months.

So...I don't know what to make of our financial lack from early this month.

Time to go fishing, I guess.


Mike Exum said...


I think you really need to get over the "being a burden" on other's thing. Jesus was supported by some women (as well is paying taxes from the mouths of fishes). Is there a touch of pride nagging you, or is it all out fear? something else that I am not reading between the lines?

Redemption is a holistic thing. A community thing. It is not about you. Certianly not about you alone. And there is massive wealth in your community. What is it supporting for the most part -God's purposes? A large part of it is for sure, but not most of it -don't you think? And ultimately it is His wealth -right?

The opposite is equally true that you have no right to be a lazy free loading bum. But is that the problem here? I don't see it that way. Even if you are tempted to, I dont think you see it that way either.

In the age to come, Abilene will be straightened out, and that means the orphans, widows and sojourner will be amply cared for. In the meantime, you prophetically call attention to the lack in that department with your whole life! Hey, I think that is a better gig than Hosea got. Run with it man!

Look, you gotta make your own mind up, and I respect that. And I am not in your shoes, though I have great admiration for you. So, you really can reject my thoughts here and I wont be offended. But I urge you to consider carefully your next move. And I think you have a claim on God's people to support your ministry. But there is a lot to work through at that level too.

I'm praying.

Many blessings...

Agent B said...

Is there a touch of pride nagging you, or is it all out fear?


I appreciate and respect your words greatly.

I will carefully consider my next move.

But...when you got bills to pay, a new mouth to feed, and no money is there...well...

something's gotta happen. something will.

Mike Exum said...

I feel ya bro. And I aint sayin I wouldnt. But then your not trying to be like me either.

Praying... as I said. And not judging either.

Many blessings...

Anonymous said...

Recently we happened upon a study about a good ole guy in the Old Testament, Moses, who was struggling to know God's will, plan, and timing. As he was walking along, God asked him what did he have in his hand. He replied a rod. God told him to throw it down. When he threw it down it became a snake. Then Moses ran away from it, and then God told him to pick it up by the tail (not by the head like Crocodile Hunter would have done). This signifies that he had to totally lay down his life (rod = protection, support, etc. etc.) to trust God to protect him from death. Then he had to pick it up the opposite way of the world (by the tail). When he picked it up by the tail, it turned back into a rod. However, later that same rod was used to part the sea, slap against the rocks, etc. I say all of this to say as you consider your next move, don't lean unto your own ways of solving life's demands. I know you will consider God's ways. Just don't pick the snake up by the head. It is through all of this that God is preparing to use you.
Bless the Lord for the gifts of finances and your grandfather's car.

Agent B said...

Sorry for the late reply...

I must say, I'm surprised by the responses here (X's and anonymous). I was expecting more of a "yeah...get off your ass and go get a job Agent B" kind of reply.

I still feel the need to go fishing, which I hope is OK w/ the CEO. But thanks for the great encouragement.