Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Legend of: Easy Rider

One of my favorite volunteer types from the old izzy days is Easy Rider. Well...he is one of my favorite all around people period.

I just got word that he passed away yesterday from cancer.

ER was the real deal. He retired from the military some time ago and began work as a truck driver. He was also a big time biker.

He came to know the CEO and turned his life over to Jesus at some biker rally where the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) set up camp. I've always thought the CMA was kind of goofy, but they must be real effective if a guy like ER would change his life because of the love they showed. CMA is A-OK by me.

ER worked real hard hauling and restocking food for the izzy group pantry. He and his wife also spent the night with the homeless during our once-a-week shelter.

Here's to you Easy Rider. You'll be missed by many.

Easy Rider talking to some couple who showed up for a food outreach in 2001

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Deana said...

B- thanks again for telling the stories of these people.

Hope you have a nice holiday today.