Saturday, September 29, 2007


There's a nine year old girl on our street named Jenny. I think I've written about her and her brother Sebastian once or twice. I know Agent Wife has since she spends more time with them.

Anyway, today Jenny joined us on an outing to The Balloon Festival - a big outdoor ordeal held once a year in the fair mother city involving hot air balloons and what not.

Except this year it was too windy so the hot air balloons couldn't set up or fly.

So instead, we wandered around this carnival-like atmosphere run by a bunch of church people. It was kind of weird, but hey, so is the fair mother city. Most of the live music was christian oriented and all of the volunteers were wearing a t-shirt advertising the nearby church they were part of.

So we went home for dinner since they weren't launching the balloons. Jenny was starting to miss her mom too, so we headed back.

Then Jenny found out we were going to eat dinner. So she decided to stay with us and eat before seeing her mom for the first time all day.

Having Jenny over to eat is no big deal. She and her brother eat with us all the time. But what surprises me is the reason she wants to eat with us: healthy home-cooked food and fresh vegetables.

She actually wants to eat this. And praises how good it is all through dinner. Jenny is a very polite and thankful kid.

I would have thought that every kid on earth wanted only junk food. But I think Jenny, her brother, and most kids from the poverty culture eat junk food all the time. So they crave fresh vegetables...and will bend over backward just to get some.



Beth said...

It is weird that we posted at the same time on such a similar topic. Our little garden has absolutely fascinated the kids, some of whom claim they did not know vegetables grew.

Amanda said...

It breaks my hearth that kids will "bend over backwards" to eat vegetables! There are so many kids, like mine, that take having good home cooked meals with vegetables all the time for granted. My kids complain because they have to eat their vegetables.

Amanda said...

Oh sorry, I meant to type "It breaks my heart..." not hearth.