Monday, October 01, 2007

I have nothing to report

This waste of a post states that there is nothing to report.

Working full days with a mix of Son & Dad, Jack, and whatever else pops up.

Enduring mild sinus issues. There is yet a September/October in the fair mother city that I have been able to fully enjoy. But it's mild, so all is well.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in some of the best in faith-related cynicism (cynicism...not a fruit of the spirit. But too funny to avoid), click here.

Over and out.


Beth said...

Boy, he's got that pained evangelical sincerity down!

"Those donuts... are not for you."

IZenBet said...

so...a bit grumpy...i feel a bit of sympathy for sinuses..but none for attitude!

carl said...

the attendance one was gross... and probably my favorite.