Tuesday, September 25, 2007

testimony #035: king of odd jobs

Last week I requested to the CEO for him to provide for us this month as things were getting short again. I think we have like $50.

Notice: I did not panic. I'm getting better at this. Faith, I believe, is growing in me.

Anyway, a slew of odd jobs came up shortly after this request. And so far they are scheduling out well.

In addition to occasional work with Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc, I am fixing up some rental property with Jack-of-all-trades. And this morning, I helped my across the street neighbor Mr. Mackey install some cabinets at a customer's house, as Mr. Mackey operates a carpentry business.

And finally, my solo music act is officially resurrected from a five year self imposed exile. You locals may have already stumbled across my schtick at various establishments and outings. Unfortunately, few of these local music gigs pay well, if at all. That's a fact I've accepted from the fair mother city a long time ago. Cheap-ass town.

So anyway, this is not quite the "god gave me five dollars" testimony that is usually reported and loathed by others.

But the CEO is still providing daily bread. And for now, odd jobs.

...over and out.


Jenelle said...

this is way better than those testamint candys! I like it when we remember to talk about how the CEO takes care of his people.

Leanne said...

any "God provides" story is a good story.

I like how He's moving you in the direction of others who might not necessarily seek you out and how doing so is helping you out as well.

Good stuff, B.