Sunday, September 23, 2007

evang-e-droppings #005

Another record collection: 55. I don’t know if we’re getting better at this or if the local tract passing crew is in overdrive. Or maybe the people receiving these tracts are throwing them on the ground more than ever.

This week there was a wider variety of tracts than usual, including five I’ve never seen before. One had the “myspace” logo on the front asking, “what happens to your myspace when you die?” Then the back says, “Who knows! What happens to YOU when you die?”

Leave it to christians to unimaginatively rip off pop culture and make poor, blunt segues into deep questions of life.

My favorite new tract states, “Your day in court” then lists some court rules. The first one is, “Do not litter. You can be fined”

Litter?!? You mean like...the three or four DOZEN tracts I find every weekend?!?

Agent wife and both of our kids joined me on this outing, which helped. Especially since I ran into a homeless man who wanted to talk to me for 30 minutes. Or just be listened to.

His name is Mack and he was giving friendly greetings to me from across the street. So I made my way over to him.

Mack started preaching and prophesying. The homeless almost always do.

I successfully fought off my middle class temptations of a) personal interjections b) mind wandering and c) looking for a way out. Somehow I managed to just sit and listen, making occasional head nods at agreeable points. Hanging with the homeless use to be old hat with me. But it’s been nearly five years since that was my daily lifestyle.

I miss it.

He knows Agent S and wife Leslie, formerly of the Downtown Baptist Beach Head and now residents of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It doesn’t surprise me since most of the poverty culture (from the last few years) knew them. You are indeed missed Agent S & family. Your imprint on the fair mother city is deep.


Jenelle said...

I had dinner with a homeless dude in LA who prophesied over me for a straight 45 minutes. He was pretty spot on with much of it. It was crazy. Crazy, H.Spirit stuff.

Leanne said...

I wonder how much it costs to print those tracts?

Agent B said...

I've wondered that often Leanne.

Leanne said...

If yo get me the name of whoever prints tbem, I'll do the research and then some.