Saturday, September 01, 2007

bad reputation

So what does Jesus mean by "Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets" - (Luke 6:26)?

Why do we strive to be well liked?

In terms of truth, realness, the gospel, whatever...why do we wish to say things that make people like us?

And I particularly mean "people" as in other followers of Jesus (ie: the church), not "the world".

This gospel is opposite of most everything our culture strives for: Be last, not first. Give of all you have. Love those who hate you. Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile.

Why don't preachers preach this?

I suppose 'saying it like it is' got one too many prophets killed.

But with eternal life in mind, fearing death shouldn't be too much concern...


g13 said...

some preachers preach this. but there isn't much money or stability in subverting the status quo.

Leanne said...

and it's kinda weird because when you do "tell it like it is" there is something refreshing and admirable in it-at least to me, which makes me want to SAY something to the person which starts the whole thing all over again, right?

I get being humble but there's nothing worse than paying a heartfelt and sincere compliment to another only to have them practically rebuff me or say, "anything good was from God".

I mean, DUH! Kinda already knew that or else I never would have "clicked" w/you in the first place.

It's when it's said w/ false humility that I really freak out because then I wonder where things went wrong.

If we're sons and daughters of the KING, shouldn't we welcome warm words from others-especially when they're in His name? It's "speaking well", yes, but almost by default, if we're walking the right path and letting the Spirit shine through, right?

Am I off on a tangent, B? If so, just delete this puppy.

Agent B said...

G13 - ding ding ding ding...YOU WIN! That's the correct answer. Not necessarily MONEY, but STABILITY.

Thanks for playing. Grand prize!

Leanne - you're not off tangent and no deletion necessary. Thanks for writing, as always.

JesusFreak said...

I am totally with Leanne on the whole compliment thing. However, even though I feel that way I still can't seem to make myself accept a compliment without dening what the compliment first. What's the deal?

p.s. how do you delete a comment???