Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what preachers aren't preaching #001

*This is a new semi-ongoing series where the agent b files attempts to expose the fraud and conspiracy of what preachers, pastors, and/or all other paid clergy are not telling us sheep. Please feel free to comment, critique, and suggest other conspiracies that our preachers hide from the flock.

In light of christ’s words, “the last shall be first”...

How come we followers of christ are not taught to be last?

In our western culture where success drives the ambition to all that is valued: wealth, education, social status, SECURITY, etc...

Why are these westernized values held in high esteem within the church culture? And thus, why are we taught to be FIRST and not LAST?

And, as the jack-of-all-trades brought up a couple of months ago, how does all this fit with the words in Matthew 23:8-12?

As jesus followers, if we are not to run after being FIRST, why does the christian culture promote it through its actions?


miller said...

good questions...

i guess i would add these questions

1. is this really a conspiracy or is it something else?

2. why do we need preachers at all? i thought gutenberg ended the need for a priest...

and as a comment, i don't think the christian culture is any different really from the secular culture except for the language it uses.

again, great questions.


mike said...

"As jesus followers, if we are not to run after being FIRST, why does the christian culture promote it through its actions?"

because the Christian culture is neither - neither Christian nor cultured.

it is a purely American religion. and the American Dream don't come true for those who put others first.


mike said...

however, it should be noted that not all preachers and pastors and paid-to-be-good types preach the American religion.

just 99%, maybe the number is higher in Texas.

Ashlee said...

I think there is a paradox in the Church culture because there really is a paradox in scripture here as well. Surprisingly, (in a church no less) I have been taught to put myself last. I'm not going to get full of self-righteousness and say that I have that down (I certainly don't) but we do try to esteem the needs of others and I believe that our life is a testimony to that. It is very hard when you see many people getting new extravagant houses and things and claiming they are signs of God's favor and blessing. So, do those of us who choose to live in obedience to God's calling and pour our finances into those we meet and our ministry lack favor and blessing? That obviously seems ridiculous. But it also seems ridiculous not to believe that God does want good things for His children and that He delights in meeting the desires of our heart. Honestly,I think this is one of the trickiest issues of modern Christianity. In the end, I think all we can do is be obedient. I don't want any one else's destiny and therefore I don't want anyone else's blessing either.

I expect favor and blessings because I expect to be able to make a difference in people's lives...I expect a larger home so I can invite more people over.(I actually like where I live but when we get over 30 in here its a little crazy and I do feel it is important to have a lot of people in our home)

Also, when all the effort of what people are "believing for" is going to material goods and such there isn't much time to believe for other transformed lives, healings, etc. It goes back to idea of where your treasure lies... I think God loves us enough to answer our selfish prayers but is delighted when we have self-less requests.

Oh one more thing, I think people, especially this next generation are hungry to put someone else above themselves. People are realzing that it life can't just be all about themselves and that we have to have a bigger purpose then self-gratification.

I think I may need to develop this into my own blog post.

Jenelle said...

preach it, Agent.