Monday, September 17, 2007

Obi-Wan mission part II

Since Part I of this mission went so well (and fast) we took a stab at Part II today.

Part II is a much larger medical debt with a much larger organization: $4600 is owed to a local hospital.

I stopped by the hospital today and spoke with someone in their resource department. They do indeed have some sort of hardship-type program that Obi-Wan can apply for.

I brought the applications back to Obi-Wan's, we filled them out, and I later returned them to the person I met with earlier. Our end is now done.

I'm still blown away that his debt at the rehab joint was a) 100% eliminated and b) we were notified about it within 24 hours. I'm hoping for the full amount of this hospital debt to be eliminated as well. But any discounted amount will gladly be received.

And I don't expect a 24 hour notice as the hospital rep told me that we'd be notified by mail. That's fine.

If this full amount goes through then Obi-Wan will be a debt-free man. All prayers and requests to the CEO in Obi-Wan's behalf are appreciated. Thank you.