Sunday, August 20, 2006

a day in the life

7:15am - try to wake up

7:30am - coffee in the backyard with the dog. Try to talk/listen to the CEO. Mostly pay attention to coffee and the dog.

8:10am - make home-made pecan waffles. An Agent B family recipe. The pecans are my addition to the original recipe. Hang out with family.

10:50am - hang out at Obi-Wan's. He was having a late breakfast of oatmeal. I brought my work gloves in preparation to pull up some gangly watermelon vines from his garden and do a little mowing, maybe even tilling. Obi-Wan reminds me that it's Sunday and I'm not supposed to work on Sunday. At least that's what his mother always told him. I knew this would happen, but it was the only time I could do it. End up listening to him preach and listening to local churches on TV preach.

noon - Put Agent Offspring #1 down for a nap. Have lunch. etc.

1:50pm - Receive a rare call from Uncle Kurt. Learn that he is in the hospital and has been there for four days.

2:10pm - at hospital with Uncle Kurt. Seems in really good shape and spirits. Said that earlier this week he couldn't keep any food down for about four days. The interim director at the baptist beach head (where Agent S and family used to be) took him to a doctor who admtted him to a local hospital immediately. Uncle Kurt's been on anti-biotics and seems fine. He may get out tomorrow or Tuesday.

2:30pm - at Uncle Kurt's camp near the outskirts of the legendary Hobo Jungle to retrieve some personal items, etc.

2:50pm - back at hospital. Uncle Kurt asked about The Table and how that property was going that I was persuing. I explained the whole saga from Table Report #008. He's still very positive that something will happen someday.

4:15pm - back home. Sebastian and Jenny come over. They always want to play with (get attention from) Agent Wife and our kids. I think I have a short fuse with them sometimes, especially involving my new born, Agent Offspring #2. They want to touch AO2 on the face and get right up in AO2's face, etc. I'm sure these actions won't kill a new born and I'm not some paranoid parent about germs either. There's just something about sweaty, hyper neighborhood kids wanting to coddle my newborn that makes me snappy. So it goes.

5:50pm - at The Sanford's backyard BBQ that they called us about earlier to invite us to. I think the occasion was that it was Sunday August 20, 2006. So a good BBQ with plenty of Bud Light was needed. All the men (speaking Spanish) were on one side. All the women (speaking English) on the other. I was somewhere in the demilitarized zone. Good food. Plenty of free beer. Loud latino music from The Tiger's trailer home off a CD that skipped every so often. The cure was to hit the side of the trailer. Anyway, what more could you ask for?

7:10pm - delivered a plate to Obi-Wan from the Sanford's. He didn't seem to be doing too well. Had a bad cough on top of other things. But now he wouldn't have to cook.

8:45pm - bath time for AO1, then AO2, then me.

10:52pm - blog report. Hang with Agent Wife. Good night.

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