Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome to the machine...

Uncle Kurt had his interview at The Wishing Well today. By his description, it was pretty pathetic.

Pathetic, as in, typical dumb-ass non-prof nonsense.

From what I gather, to be accepted in to the WW program, a person has to be homeless. And perfect.

One can't have any addictions.
Can't be handicapped.
Can't have an illness like cancer, hepatitis B, or AIDS.
One must work or be able to work.
One must be willing to jump through their hoops for 12 months...

...then the WW can add you to their trophy list as someone they've "fixed", cash in some United Way money, get some media exposure, and live happily ever after.

Well hot damn! Someone please spray paint an addendum to that damned sign outside their building:

"Your United Way investment dollars at work HERE!

...creating false dignity one trophy at a time"


agent wife said...

don't forget... they have to also be willing to suck up being treated like ignoramuses, like little children, only you would never belittle a child like Kurt was belittled and spat upon (emotionally) today. I'm sorry he ever went there. And while it took some woman mere moments to rip apart Kurt's dignity, he will drag her hurtful words and attitude with him like so many other dreadful memories. I am so totally amazed and humbled by how little Kurt has and carries. No big trunk of memorabilia from childhood. No pictures, no furniture, very few clothes, none of our comforts. I'm also amazed by all the emotional trash he carries: abandonment, rejection, meaness, played over and over and over from birth, through adulthood and now in retirement age. When does he get to live the american dream? OK, forget the house and comforts, car and family, how about a little ounce of compassion, respect, love? Forgive us Lord for all that we have missed doing and for all the harm we've done too!

miller said...

"When does he get to live the american dream?"

i think we need to flee from the american dream, it seems to lead to the kind of disdain that Uncle Kurt is experiencing.

BTW, you two are the most compassionate people i know.