Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Table Report #007

Still hot on the trail for The Table.

Pastor Hawking's potential fund-raising abilities for this dream of mine to be operational for a solid year has got me seeking potential properties. There's not a huge wealth places that would be rent-able as is - ie: affordable rent, functional kitchen, and located in the poverty pockets of town. But there's a few leads...

#1 - My friend (and izzy board member) The Insurance Man and I had coffee last week. Through conversation about my current property search he told me of an acquaintance of his that has some sort of non-prof deal that gave properties away to other non-profs. Yes...I am interested in a free place. So...we'll see if there's any fruit in that endeavor. Not holding my breath too tight.

#2 - FINALLY...I tracked down Sylvia, the owner of a prime location mentioned in report #005. She tell me she's going to discuss this with her husband and get back with me. I politely yet forcefully asked that she PLEASE call me even if the answer is no. I want to know if this location is a closed door or not.

Sylvia is a follower of the CEO. She may be a little charismania-ish, but that's OK because I've dealt with charismatics for 3 and a half years. I can fake it and speak their language if necessary.

There's something about her that just doesn't seem right. She's not very business-like and seems more concerned about specific details of The Table than any other land lord would be.

That can be a good thing. Or a nightmare.

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